More About Akivaa Solutions:

Governments internationally are implementing stringent Privacy Laws, which ensure, businesses are directly responsible for the personal information collected, regardless of the source. The cost of non-compliance includes, but is not limited to, millions of dollars in fines, loss of customer trust and business.

At Akivaa, we provide one-stop compliance service which covers all major international privacy laws like European GDPR, Canadian PIPEDA & PHIPA, California CCPA, Brazil LGPD and many more.

Our state-of-the-art, 6th Gen, AI-powered tool monitors cyberspace 24 X 7 and provide actionable intelligence to mitigate privacy-related risks. In case of a breach, our tool provides the most accurate data like email ID, source of the breach, information compromised and severity of the breach.

We conduct regular Data Protection Impact Assessments, to understand weaknesses within data management processes andtake corrective actions. We help create customised privacy policy and consents, processor agreements, employee handbook and training while keeping privacy at the core.