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People have entrusted us with their most personal information. We owe them nothing less than the best protections that we can possibly provide." - Tim Cook.

Regardless of which package you select, you will get details about review of your current privacy policy, basic understanding of PIPEDA and how PIPEDA impacts you, basic search on our website and Do pre recorded data management awareness session. Create your customized privacy policy.

All packages include:

  • Full Training
  • 24x7 Support

Do not forget you need a policy for CCTV as well.


CDN $338 Per Month / Billed Annually

This is an Entry Level package and covers very basic PIPEDA requirements.

Customized Privacy Policy

After understanding your business model and your current personal data needs, we will create a customized privacy policy, don't forget you need policy for CCTV as well.


Every 3 months we will conduct a customized Data Protection Impact Assessment based on your processes and conformance to privacy policy. A DPIA is a great tool to show your commitment and seriousness to personal data management.


Based on DPIA conducted, we will provide an in depth report where there is significant risk, our recommendations on risk mitigation and review of any new processes.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Quarterly DPIA
  • Risk Overview, Provide In Depth Reports
  • Ongoing Advice & Support



CDN $848 Per Month/billed Annually

This comprehensive package includes everything from earlier package PLUS:

SAR (Subject Access Request) Training

An SAR can come from anyone whose data you are holding, i.e customer, employee, visitor etc. Training for you and your staff on how to handle SARs. When and what needs to be included with your response to SARs.

DPIA Training

We will a conduct quarterly DPIA, however, we will train you and your employees on how to conduct internal DPIAs. Comprehensive and regular DPIA's help to identify gaps, improve processes and create awareness within the group.

Employment Policy Review

We can help with what data you absolutely require from your own employees and identify any risks. This policy review is very specific to personal data of an employee.

Employee Handbook Review

Controller and Processor Agreement

This is the most critical part of personal data management if you move your data to 3rd party for any reason(s). This customised agreement will provide direction and instructions to a 3rd party on how to handle and secure your data. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for any personal data you have collected for whatever reason(s).

This customised agreement will also provide you clear instructions, your role and responsibilities if you are processing data as a 3rd party This agreement acts as a contractual legal agreement in case of data breach.

Data Protection Officer

This package includes our service as your DPO or go to person when it comes to personal data management.


CDN $4245 Per Month / Billed Annually

This is our ultimate package which includes all services from package 1 & 2.

This is a great and very cost effective package if you move any personal data internationally for whatever reason, if you have a large number of staff with access to your customers personal data, or if you don’t have dedicated person or team or internal expertise on person data management

International Processor Agreement

Very critical part of personal data management which considers international and local laws. We have a team of legal experts to create customised and effective international agreements.

Staff Training

Regular training for your staff with handling of personal data, privacy policy, DPIAs and SARs.


We will conduct a DPIA for each department every month and provide you reports with our findings and recommended actions to mitigate risks. Monthly DPIAs are a great tool to review interconnected processes at a whole and at the same time, at an individual level.

Workshops and Ongoing Training

Learning never stops at Logic Document and so does with your staff. By participating in our regular workshops, your staff is more engaged with day to day handling of your customers personal data.




Review and understanding of your current processes and handling of personal data.



Our focus is to streamline your personal data handling with best practices and not just selling you highest value package. Our mission is to be your partner when it comes to personal data management.



You will receive a welcome email with a information package and we’ll ask you to provide some specific information. Depending on the selected package, we’ll start creating a Privacy Policy, DPIAs and other documents.



Depending on the selected package, when all the Logic Document’s requirements are complete, we’ll issue a digital badge which can be used to showcase to your customers.